Clés en Main : looking for a place in Paris or near international schools and colleges : coaching and counseling

Why would I need this type of service?

10 major reasons

Because time is precious and we all lack so much of it! Such a project is very time consuming and demands full time dedication in order to be successfully carried out.

Because typical agencies will take you to see the world but not what you are specifically looking for!

Because the real estate market is more and more expensive, making transactions more and more stressful for the buyer.

Because the market in Paris shows more potential buyers than available properties so that what is proposed at decent market value is sold too fast to give you time to react.

Because the multitude of selling networks makes it all too confusing sometimes.

Because regular agencies get their mandates/contracts from the sellers, and thus work for them first, so the buyers need to have someone to defend their interests too. We help you to buy with confidence!

Because what we are looking for is very rare and specific and we do not want to miss any opportunity that arises on the market. We can be the first to see your dream home!

Because even being French and living in Paris allows us to be fully engaged in finding your property, something impossible to manage from a distance.

Because your project is very personal and you want someone who really understands your needs and can translate them into your « unique home ».

Because TRUST is the MAJOR consideration when investing so much effort and money in a project. Put your trust in us and that is what you will definitely get from Clés en main from the first day we meet.

Is there a minimum budget to hire Clés en Main'services ?

Not at all. Clés en main can work with all kinds of budgets. Our mission will always remain the same: taking your place to do all the stressful and complicated tasks of looking for the right home and coaching you in all the administrative and financial steps up to the final signature.

Should I hire several agencies at the same time to look for what I need?

Not at all! Our agreements are all exclusive and that is in your best interest. Imagine that the two agencies you hired find the same property and cause you to act as your own competitor !

Most of all, when we are undertaking a mission, we are doing it full time in a very intensive manner to ensure that no property corresponding to your needs is left out. We also know by experience that, because of our methods and dedication to our clients, we always find what they were looking for in an unexpectedly short period of time. Our involvement is complete and we need the same involvement from you towards us in order to have a successful team work !

At the end, what is the cost of using Clés en main another cost on my final property bill?

If you are looking at the bill, the cost will be 3.5% + VAT of the buying price of your property.

If you are looking at the market value, the cost is reduced to nothing.

Working with Cles en main is almost like getting a free service. Our final goal, after finding this very unique place that suits your needs and lifestyle, is to guarantee that the total cost of your property (all inclusive of commissions) is very competitive on the market.

Why is that ?

When we undertake a mission, the search is very intense and targeted on a very narrow target so that we perfectly know the right market prices at the time of the purchase. Thus, we have very good bookmarks for comparisons and key selling points for negotiation.

Our experience gives us a good amount of reactivity and more accuracy and pertinence when it comes to making the right offer. In addition, we do not fall for the easy tricks of some professionals of this industry either…

By surveying and watching over the market on your specific search every day we are able to rapidly "jump" on the « opportunities » that arise. We are "trained" to catch them.

Finally, because we are not the final buyer, we are more « cold » when it comes to negotiating the property that you really fell for, and can overcome even difficult negotiations.