Clés en Main : looking for a place in Paris or near international schools and colleges : coaching and counseling

Looking for your house, your appartement,
your home : a process that needs peacefulness to find the place that feels like home.


Our purpose is to help you realize your dream of buying a property that suits you perfectly! We make it easy and carefree for you.

You shake our hand : and we hand you the keys to your home !

All real estate investments are very time consuming, stressful and complicated:

  • before entering the market for real estate
  • during the selection and purchasing process
  • after : managing and maintaining your property.

All these steps are all the more difficult if you do not have the experience and time to dedicate to the process.

Our mission is to make the process easy and carefree: 

  • we provide peace of mind for your decision by evaluating the various possibilities that the market offers. We help you prioritize your needs and work with your constraints to come to a refined picture of your future home.

  • we will do all the 'leg work': visiting properties, analyzing the market, and negotiating for you. We leave you with the pleasure of choosing from amongst the best properties that the market offers.

Our mission is only over when it is obvious that the place we found truly suits you and you recognize it! This is also our best reward!

Cles en Main becomes your eyes and ears in the marketplace

Clés en Main gives you:

  • Two experienced, knowledgeable professionals working full time on your project.
  • Personalized attention that focuses on your individual preferences and needs.
  • Confidence and security in your decision-making process.

Geographically, we specialize in:

  • Paris and its suburbs
  • The most convenient neighborhoods for those attending international schools