Clés en Main : looking for a place in Paris or near international schools and colleges : coaching and counseling

Clés en Main's services

Who needs Clés en Main's services?

Anyone who has a real estate project (house or apartment) in Paris or its suburbs and in areas surrounding international schools.

Our services are ideal for foreigners and expatriates upon a move to Paris or when they wish to invest in Paris (a stable and secure real estate market) while living abroad. We tailor our services to anyone who wants to buy a property :

  • to perfectly match their needs and desires

  • with minimal time and effort

  • with peace of mind and financial security

Buying a property with Clés en Main

Means transferring all the tedious responsibilities to Clés en Main and going through a carefree and easy process :

1-Detailed definition of your project; market study; feasibility and advice

At the beginning of any project, we take as much time as we need to listen to you. We want to understand your personal and professional needs and to build up a list of essential criteria. This is a key factor in finding the property that matches your ambitions and lifestyle.

Throughout our search, we stay in touch and seek your feedback to continually refine our first "impression" of your project. We provide counsel and put you in contact with reliable professionals (attorneys, notaries, tax and financial advisers), who are all trustworthy and respectful of confidentiality.

2-Extensive research and selection of appropriate properties to suit your requirements

On a daily basis, we send you reports of all visits: location, description, floor plans, pictures, advantages and disadvantages, origin of the ad (direct from the owner, agency, notaries, Cles en Main network, internet ads), price and margin for negotiation.

Weekly, we give you a schedule of all planned visits.

Monthly, we notify you of variations in prices for properties you are interested in and keep you up to date on the market.

All along, we advise you and provide recommendations.

According to your schedule, we plan the visits to allow you to see the top listed properties in an efficient manner so that you do not waste any time (usually half a day maximum).

But all along we are concerned and totally dedicated to find the right place for you!

Approximate time of search: 1 to 3 months.


Our knowledge of the market and how the agencies operate along with the psychology of the owners allow us to achieve the best possible price for your property.

4-Follow up on legal sale agreement with attorneys, notaries and banks

We plan and implement the entire administrative process involving notaries, attorneys and banks.

We make all the necessary inquiries to organize the legal and technical and reviews and inspections required for each property.

We search out any additional information relevant to the property with the local administration officials.

5-Finding the best loan organization for you - Negotiation of loan and insurance agreements

We can find the most suitable financial partners to deal with special for the needs of international clients.

We will advise you how to access legal advice concerning international requirements.

We will negotiate your loan to ensure the best deals with banks and insurance companies.

Other « Clés en Main » services

  • Finding tenants for your property in Paris.

  • Finding a house or apartment to rent

  • Management of your property

  • Maintenance of your property