Clés en Main : looking for a place in Paris or near international schools and colleges : coaching and counseling

Our strengths : your tools and your benefit

This is what we will become for you:

  • An intuitive and understanding ear

  • A trusted partner

  • Efficient tools in your hands

This will provide you with:

  • A personal approach 

  • An extensive real estate market search

  • The best possible range of options for confident decision-making

You will accomplish your real estate purchase:

  • At the best possible price

  • With peace of mind up through the final transaction

Cles en Main is :

A good ear: to insure your home reflects your personal and professional preferences

Attentive to your needs and wishes, our first aim is to carefully listen to you so that we can then translate your lifestyle and expectations into a harmonious relationship between you and your home.

A partner: with broad shoulders to manage the stress, a physical presence in the market and sharp minds to insure the most competitive financial terms.

Cles en Main is 100% on your side. This is the main difference between us and real estate agencies that function as intermediaries

Tools for each step of the decision process.

Thanks to the close ties that we have built with key professionals in the real estate allied industries, we are able to offer you customized counseling in each step of the process. We make sure that you are in contact with specialists who can address your concerns : banks and financial institutions, tax consultants, notaries, attorneys, international law specialists, renovation companies, short-term and long term rental agencies. These partners have been tested and recommended by our own clients. Cles en Main provides you with the benefit of these contacts while remaining totally independent of this network in order to guarantee our clients transparence and efficiency.

A complete service for a global and very personal approach:

We are guide you through your real estate project from when you begin to explore the feasibility up to the moment when you are handed the keys to your new space in live-in or rentable condition:

  • determining what type of property would suit you the best

  • searching for and selecting the ideal property

  • organizing an efficient and convenient schedule of visits

  • gathering necessary local information from the city hall on properties

  • providing advice and recommendations on the best deals

  • negotiating the buying price

  • verifying the legal and technical surveys

  • following-up with attorneys and notaries

  • negotiating with banks and insurance companies

  • procuring renovation estimates and following up on work

  • renting investment property

A comprehensive search: to save precious and valuable time

Knowing exactly what you want, we are your eyes and ears selecting only the most appropriate properties. We will show you the "crème de la crème" on the market based on your needs. You visit only 20% of the iceberg after we have seen it all…And your visits are scheduled so that you save precious time and effort!

A full set of options after an extensive search

What we show you is not the best of "what we have in stock" (like ordinary agencies do) because we carry no stock. We are dedicated to you and show you the best of the entire market whatever the source might be (all agencies, private owners, auctions, notaries, and our personal network of partners and clients.

The opportunity to buy at the best possible price

4 factors :

  • We create an extensive and precise knowledge of the market for the type of property you are looking for, at the precise moment of your search. Our full time dedication over a consistent length of time gives us tangible benchmarks for comparison that become all the more powerful and efficient tools in the negotiation process.

  • Also, as you agent, we have more strength to negotiate compared to any individual buyer who is emotionally and financially affected by the acquisition of the property.

  • As professionals, we master the techniques to reach our final price goal.

  • Again, being on your side, we make sure you get what you want as compared to a realtor who is also trying to satisfy the seller.

A serene process up through to the final transaction: the major tool!

We provide you with all our skills and assure that your real estate project will proceed with efficiency, security, and a single-minded focus on meeting your needs. Our philosophy and work ethic assures clients a care-free and enjoyable process in securing their new property. Let us do the leg-work and we will let you walk with the serene pleasure of making the right choice for yourself!