Clés en Main : looking for a place in Paris or near international schools and colleges : coaching and counseling

Our philosophy

We find the space that reflects your style and personality

We find the perfect home with an ambiance that nourishes you and provides a sense of well being.

When you are in the right place, everything in your life falls into place

All real estate investments are very time consuming, stressful and complicated:

It is crucial to choose a living space according to who you really are

Each living space fosters a very specific relationship with the world around it (neighbors, activities, shops, entertainment) and determines a specific rhythm and pace of life.

Whether you are single, in a couple or in a family, the criteria for choosing a living space are numerous and often contradictory:

  • the need for space versus the proximity to activity centers, transportation and shopping areas

  • the need for light and tranquility versus the need to feel the city buzz

  • an attraction for old and charming spaces versus the security and comfort of modern construction

So many options which often leave us disoriented or paralyzed.

Let us show you how to evaluate your alternatives. We will walk you through the decision process and help you to find your unique living space and deliver it to you "keys in hand"!

A peaceful mind for a thoughtful choice

We afford you the luxury of focusing on what is essential: setting priorities for your lifestyle

Choosing a new living space, investing in real estate and moving are near the top of the list of stressful life events. These involve:

  • committing financial resources

  • managing complex logistics (furniture moving, installation, renovation, school applications, insurance, connection of utilities, etc.)

  • dedicating a lot of time

They also involve a multitude of important requirements:

  • legal aspects (attorney and notary services, real estate inspections)

  • financial issues (bank loans, tax implications and insurance)

  • administrative matters (city hall research of the property, local projects, infrastructure, neighborhood….)

  • property management and maintenance

Clés en Main does all of this for you and delivers you a property "keys in hand."