Clés en Main : looking for a place in Paris or near international schools and colleges : coaching and counseling

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To choose a haven harbor for our life full
of its joys and pains

"When you are fully busy with a job and activities aside, it is simply imposible to go all around the market shopping amongst real estate agencies, direct owner and all intitutionnal real estate sellers (like banks and insurance companies).
In addition, our eyes are not trained to check on all details like ( electricity, condition of the roof, infrastructure projects in the area…).
In many fields, brokerage and coaching is becoming a new necessity.

Cles en main is there : two ladies open their door for you, one from the North the other one from the South.

The buying process implies a tear with something of your life, like a cut with the past. It also requires a important capital to be invetsed and this has to be precisely forecasted and calculated.

1st interview : their questions are direct, moving, subtle, delicate but also serious. With a good sense of humour.
As far as I am concerned, it is the Southern lady, Florence, who had the courage to cope with my demands, my anxieties, my outbursts, my changes of mind during our visits every Monday of 4 to 5 appartments each time.
The tiny brunette is always on time ! If, by chance, you are also on time, you won't see her because he head falls behind the headrest of her car.

At one point in time… you find the pearl that you were looking for. Signature of the deal ! Hey, but don't fool yourself. Their relentlessness is obsessional : because during the 8 days following the signature, the globe trotters'hunt still goes on. And they come up with a better proposal. You sleep on it to have a clear mind and wisdom and last you make up your own decision. You get the last word on it.

They have a real talent with negociating, they also follow up on notaries, read the contract in details, and then you sign.

But it is not over yet. They give you advice for the next step : movers, renovation workers, etc…

To make it shor: everything is provided by these real professionals, perfect mothers as well, enthusiastic and very helpful. Your interests et your heart are at rest; you can start a new life !"

Bertil Cardon de Lichtbuer.

Management of a 100 square meter rental apartment with a terrasse at La Muette for a Frenchman living in NY

I currently live in New-York and left behind an apartment in Paris that I had had entirely reworked by a famous interior designer. The apartment was expensively decorated and equipped with high-end appliances. I needed to make sure that it was rented in the best possible financial terms but was also kept in good conditions so that I could come back to live there again.

In addition, I needed to have someone in Paris that I could trust totally and rely on to manage and maintain my apartment.

Clés en Main did all the following for me :

  • Made a sound and appropriate estimation of the rent

  • Gave me the right advice in terms of rental options, taking all my constraints and concerns into account

  • Rented the apartment short term during the summer

  • Rented the apartment long term for the rest of the year. The deal was very quickly made with a very well negotiated rent. The renters were very respectful of the place and raved about the prompt attention and services that Cles en main supplied them with whenever needed.

  • Followed up on all Cooperative meetings

  • Managed a legal procedure matter for me with the Coop management agent

  • Took charge of the finding the necessary furnitishings and supplies of the apartment to make it fully suitable for the tenants

  • Assisted the renters with the installation and maintenance of services: plumbing, internet and TV connections, etc...

Most importantly, it was very convenient and reassuring to be always talking directly to the same reliable managers of Clés en Main Albane and Florence during the entire process.

Very simply : it was easy and I knew the trust was there. While got regular reports and feedback, I always knew that Clés en main would treat my apartment as if it was their own home and take all the necessary interventions with care and consciousness.

So, I can recommend Clés en main, without hesitation !

Nicolas Ronco Founder and CEO Yelo, LLC

Purchase of a 63 square meter apartment in the 18th arrondisement for a NY couple

As occasional visitors to Paris, my husband and I didn't have a clue where or how to start our search for a Paris hide-away. We had limited experience with many of the arrondissements and no experience with the real estate market or how to navigate the world of foreign investment. Clés en Main took the time with us to understand our lifestyle and preferences and exposed us to a variety of properties and locations that met our needs in the short time we had there.

They ushered us from contract and financing through purchase and renovation with competence, excellent communication and detailed follow-through. We LOVE our pied-à-terre in the 18th! It's exactly the space, neighborhood and ambiance we dreamt of and Clés en Main did it all for us long distance!

This would not have been possible without their nuanced guidance and access to the best properties and quality craftsmen. We recommend Clés en Main to anyone looking for a bit of Paris without the stress and uncertainty that can ruin the fun of finding a foreign getaway. Clés en Main delivers with elegance, competence and complete honesty. We couldn't be happier!

Maria Galati